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Voices From the Margins


In collaboration with the members of Red Line Service and SAIC students of the course Socially Engaged Art taught by Rhoda Rosen, this multimedia piece was designed as an appeal to the UN to consider the humanity of people experiencing homelessness. It was essentially a book of articles and poetry with a running theme of personal stories which related to famous artworks, and to supplement the book, my collaborators and I worked with the authors to create a video that might capture the same spirit, as well as help to catch people's eye. In the video, each member of the group read the last couple seentences of their piece, and then the voices all came together in a chatter to represent the unity in their struggle. In tandem with several other groups, the piece was shown in an exhibition titled Make us Count, at the UN in NYC, February 17-24 2020. We hope that our work might inspire the UN to address homelessness as one of their most pressing global priorities. Below is a still from the video in which I've blurred the participants faces to respect their privacy.

Voices from the Margin, 2020 (book, letters, envelopes, video)